Single in the City: Single Stats

Love Actually

There's hope and then there's horror when it comes to dating. Locals share their real-life experiences with us.

"A walk in the woods in the springtime, holding hands, [with a] first kiss on a fallen log under the setting sun."
— Matt, 42, Cleveland

"[He] cooked me dinner in his downtown apartment overlooking the river, then we danced outside while it lightly snowed."
— Morgan, 21, Cleveland

"We had a different course at a different restaurant — appetizers at one place, the main course at the next place, dessert at a third place and drinks at a fourth place."
— Jennifer, 41,  Cleveland

"[We went] to a restaurant where the food was absolutely terrible, but our conversation [and] laughter made that a moot point. After, we sat outside the restaurant, flirted and just talked." 
— Diamo, 46, Cleveland

"He neglected to tell me he was from another country and spoke very little and very broken English."
— Jon, 29, Cleveland

"We went on a nature walk and he just started peeing in the woods. It was gross." 
— Jane, 23, Cleveland

"I had a guy tell me he showed up 30 minutes late on purpose to test me. He then proceeded to tell me how his ex-girlfriend was much hotter than me and attempted to psychoanalyze me by telling me all of the things wrong with me."
— Christina, 29 , Cleveland Heights

"On a blind date, he asked if there was a hotel nearby for us to go to. Then [he] texted after to ask if he could send me dirty pictures."
— Katie, 41, Westlake

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