Singles File: Jerome Harrison

Running back, Cleveland Browns
>> The perfect date: Having dinner and some drinks, then going for a walk to talk

>> Something most people don’t know about me: I’m not always a jokester. I take some things seriously.

>> My ringtone: Ringtones are for kids. My phone has been on vibrate for three years.

>> Biggest turn-on: Lingerie with high heels

>> Biggest turn-off: Women that smoke and dirty shoes
>> I own too many: DVDs. I have about 200 to 300.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland:XO Prime Steaks ... sports team: Detroit Pistons, no question... vacation destination: Atlantis. It’s beautiful, and you can go deep-sea diving. I am an action junkie .... dessert: I don’t eat sweets.
>> In high school I was ...The Man.

>> My best feature: My personality. I’m a big, caring kid who likes to have fun.

>> My bad habit: Listening. I don’t listen, but I’m getting better.

>> My first kiss: It wasn’t magical, because I sure can’t remember it.
>> Three things I can’t live without: Family, sports and God

>> How my ex would describe me: Very attractive, very nice, caring, but I’m going to do what I’m going to do. I don’t answer to nobody.

>> Blondes or brunettes: It doesn’t matter if you’re hot.

>> Early, late or right on time: Late. I’m going to be late to my own funeral.
>> My longest relationship: Eight years

>> My No. 1 dating rule: Just have a good time, and be yourself.

>> If I could marry anyone it would be: Jada Pinkett Smith. She’s a beautiful black woman and successful.
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