Singles File: Melissa Mack

Meteorologist, Fox 8 News

>> The perfect date: Doing something adventurous and then ending the date with dessert.

>>  Something most people don’t know about me: I ride dirt bikes. My dad was always a dirt bike rider, so he’s had me on motorcycles since the age of 3.

>> My ringtone: “Disturbia” by Rihanna. I love that song.

>> Biggest turn-on: Having a larger-than-life personality. Someone who’s optimistic and not always down on themselves.

>> Biggest turn-off: Egotism

>> I own too many: Shoes. I have a lot of Coach purses, too.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: Any dance club. I love to dance. ... book: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby ... vacation destination: Fiji ... dessert: Ice cream

>> In high school I was ...Valedictorian

>> My passion: To make someone else smile. I’m really a people-pleaser. I feel happier when I know that I’ve made someone else’s day.

>> My best feature: My eyes

>> My car: Acura RSX.

>> My bad habit: Being too self-critical

>> My first kiss: It was in middle school. I just remember being really scared because I was so shy.
>> Three things I can’t live without: My cell phone, family and friends and running.

>> How my ex would describe me: Unforgettable.
>> Going out or staying in: Either one — it depends on the day. I’m complex. Sometimes I’m a homebody, but other times I feel like going out and partying.

>> Beer, wine or martinis: Wine. I think it kind of mellows you out at the end of the day.Roses or chocolates:Chocolates. I don’t really like roses.

>> My No. 1 dating rule: You have to respect me. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

>> My longest relationship: Five years.

>> On a first date, I never ... Kiss

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