Singles File: Michael Goulis

Director of development, Inedo LLC
>> Something most people don’t know about me: I’m just as much from Atlanta as I am from Cleveland. I left Cleveland for those formative years after I turned 18, and returned when I was 26.

>> Biggest turn-on: Intelligent people who can talk passionately about something I’m also attracted to flexibility — not physically, but a diverse, down-for-anything attitude.

>> Biggest turn-off: Jumping to conclusions
>> I own too many: Magazines. I subscribe to National Geographic, Time, Wired, Alternative Press and two or three tattoo magazines. I never have time to read any of them, but I try to flip through them.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: My apartment, because I never spend enough time there. ... book: Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas ... vacation destination: Barcelona. It’s got everything. It’s a dense city packed with stuff to do. It’s like Chicago but on the Mediterranean coast, so 20 minutes outside the city are beaches.

>> In high school I was ... A standard, stereotypical skateboard kid — scrawny, with DC shoes, baggy pants and bleached hair

>> My best feature: I’m considerate ... and I’ve got cool tattoos.Three things I can’t live without:Coffee, self-expression and jogging — with my headphones.

>> How my ex would describe me: She would probably say we met too young to know what we were doing and how serious it could end up being.

>> Blond or brunette: Brunettes. I think because I like brunettes, blondes like me more.

>> Dogs or cats: Neither. I’ve had two pet ducks.

>> Beer, wine or martinis: Beer, but I almost only drink Guinness or Carlsburg.

>> My No. 1 dating rule: Whether you do or you don’t kiss on the first date, you should both want to. If you want to hold yourself to a certain standard or rule for self-preservation that’s fine, but it should be tempting. If it isn’t, then why do it again?.

>> I hate when a date orders: A light domestic beer. I would like to see her drink a martini or a gin and tonic, something a little classier.

>> On a first date, I never: I never ask her to drive, and I always shave.

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