Singles File: Mike Minnick

Director of marketing, Cherne Industries

>> The perfect date: Something active — outside would be ideal — and a situation where we could be experiencing something. We wouldn’t just be sitting in a bar.

>> Something most people don’t know about me: I wear spandex every day in the summer. ... I ride my bike a lot.

>> Biggest turn-on: Confidence

>> Biggest turn-off: Bad table manners

>> I own too many: T-shirts.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: The Metroparks. That’s where I spend all my time on my bike. It’s always peaceful, and you forget about the workday.... dessert: All of them [laughs]. But if I had to pick, tiramisu. ... bar: Great Lakes Brewing Co. They have great beer, and it’s just a laid-back place.

>> In high school I was ... Kind of dorky

>> My best feature: My smile

>> My car: Is American. It’s a Pontiac Grand Prix.
>> My bad habit: I can procrastinate quite a bit.

>> Three things I can’t live without: My bike, my friends and fun.

>> Going out or staying in: I like to go out. You can stay in during the weekdays.

>> Early, late or right on time: Right on time

>> Roses or chocolates: Roses — they’re classic. >> I hate when a date orders:The same thing I do

>> Worst pick-up line: All of mine.

>> If I could marry anyone: Ellen DeGeneres cracks me up, but since she’s out of my league, I’ll go with Keira Knightley.

>> My longest relationship: A couple of years

>> On a first date, I never ... Make it on Monday. It’s just not a good day to do it. The week is just starting, so your head’s not really in it, and you’re thinking about work.

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