Singles File: Nicole Burke

Marketing manager,

>> The perfect date: Dinner and a movie is great, but going to a Browns game or going bowling and having some drinks is more my thing.

>> Something most people don’t know about me: I was in the movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo when I was 19. I was an extra.
>> My ringtone: It’s a little old. “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston.

>> Biggest turn-on: Somebody who sets goals, whether it’s personal or professional. Someone who’s motivated to work hard — I like drive and direction.

>> Biggest turn-off: Someone who doesn’t keep their word. I am very big on dependability, so if they make a promise, they should keep it.

>> My favorite ... book: Right now, it’s probably Marley and Me. It’s a story about the world’s worst dog. Since I’m a huge animal lover, I can relate to a story about how pets really do become part of your family. ... vacation destination: Isla Mujeres. It’s off the coast of Mexico in the Caribbean. I went there when I was studying in Mexico, and I hope to go back there soon.

>> In high school I was: Dependable — I was voted most dependable by my classmates
.>> My car: A brand new Scion XD. It’s about the size of a Mini Cooper, but meaner.
>> My first kiss: My first real kiss wasn’t very good., it was at a party, and I kissed this guy I had a crush on.

>> Three things I can’t live without: My pets, my family and friends and my BlackBerry.

>> Blonds or brunets: I date blonds, but I’m naturally drawn to dark hair.

>> Going out or staying in:  I’m sort of a homebody, but I network as part of my job and attend about two events a week, so I’m out and about a lot.

>> My No. 1 dating rule: Being on time — it shows respect and interest.

>> My longest relationship: Four and a half years. That relationship is what brought me to Cleveland, so you can thank him if you’re happy I’m here.

>> On a first date, I never ... Talk about exes.

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