Singles File: Tim Richards

DJ, Q104
>> The perfect date: I like to find out what she likes and take her to a place she would enjoy but has never been before. The element of surprise is good.

>> Something most people don’t know about me:
I’m a classically trained pianist. I’ve played in numerous competitions since second grade. I don’t play as much now, though, because I don’t have a piano at my house.

>> My ring tone: “So What’cha Want” by the Beastie Boys — I love that song.

>> Biggest turn-on: A sense of humor. Normally, I’m the one making people laugh, so even if her laugh is one of the most horrific sounds in the world, it’s still the best sound ever.

>> Biggest turn-off: Talking about the exes. They’re exes for a reason.

>> My favorite ... place in Cleveland: I’m a simple dude, I love Melt.... vacation destination: West Palm Beach, Fla. I get to hang out with my cousins and people I haven’t seen in a while. Plus, it’s warmer there. ... bar: The Southside Bar in Tremont. It’s trendy but not pretentious.

>> In high school I was ...A dork. I had glasses and braces. I played sports, but I was still a dork.

>> My bad habit: Not returning calls right away.

>> My first kiss: In fourth grade, a girl kissed me on the cheek and asked me to “go with her.” I had no idea what it meant, so I said no. Of course, she was hot in high school, and I had no shot with her because I dissed her in fourth grade.
>> How my ex would describe me: I work too much or I’m too social, but that’s part of my job. I’m always in the public eye, so when listeners come up to me, I have to be nice. And a lot of girls can’t take that.

>> Early, late or right on time:
Right on time. I can’t be late; that drives me nuts.

>> Dogs or cats:
Dogs. I have a shih tzu named Cole. I might be mentally allergic to cats.

>> Roses or chocolates: I try to do neither because they’re so cliché. I’m the dude who thinks outside the box.

>> After a first date, I ... Wait. I think the man rule is three days — I’ll have to check the man guide. But I think if I really like them, I would call later on the next day — like 24 hours after the date. You just can’t let something good go.

>> I hate when a date orders:
Me around. They can eat whatever they want.

>> If I could marry anyone: Alyssa Milano — I’ve loved her forever.

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