Singles Out: Christy Siebert

Christy Siebert, 25
Fitness/trainer instructor, Christy Siebert LLC

The perfect date: The perfect date, I think, would encompass going to a fun, trendy restaurant or bar and just having lots of fun. And then, at the end of the night, more low-key: going back and watching a movie, maybe having a little pizza and wine.
Something most people don’t know about me: I actually like to sing. I sing in the shower, and I sing in the car. I sing all the time, but I’m too embarrassed to sing in front of other people.

My cell phone:
My ring tone actually changes a lot.. I get bored with songs, but I like a ton of things. I’ve had “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey or even some funny ’80s music on my ring tone.

Biggest turn-on:
Definitely confidence, but not cockiness. Someone who has a great sense of humor and definitely takes care of themselves, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Someone who definitely has intelligence, who you can have good conversations with.

Biggest turnoff:
Definitely someone who is really stuck-up and probably also smokes.

I own too many:
I have too much athletic wear.

My favorite … place in Cleveland:
I like a couple places. I really like the Tremont area, and the Coventry area is really fun. I think there’s just a lot of cute restaurants and bars, and a lot of people I know go there. You always have a great time when you’re with people you know and care about. I like the Beachwood area as well. I love the lights in the wintertime at Legacy, and I also just like going to Sushi Rock and hanging out with friends in the area, walking around. … sports team: The Cavs, of course, because they’re winning. I love, love, love the Cavs. … book: I like a lot of memoirs and self-psychology books, so one of my favorites would definitely be The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. … vacation destination: I really like Belize; it’s beautiful there. It’s where you take a picture, and the picture you took is just like the postcard you buy in the store. I also really like South Beach because there’s this type of energy there that is just so vibrant and so much fun and so relaxed. I just love the tropical, warm weather. It’s great. … dessert: I love anything with peanut butter, so probably peanut butter and chocolate cookies. Or cheesecake. I like both. … blog: I really like MSNBC because I love broadcast journalism; that was my original major, so I’m really interested in current events. I also love mysteries, so I’m into crime stories and stuff like that.
Facebook: yes or no? Yes, it’s a great way to keep up with friends. Sometimes I think we’re all on it a little too much, wondering what’s going on with everyone else or waiting to put our pictures up, but it’s definitely fun.

My usual hangout:
Coming from the East Side, I really like Sushi Rock. I like little, fun pubs and bars where you can actually hang out and talk to people. It depends on my mood. Sometimes we like to go and chill; sometimes my friends and I go to someone’s house and watch movies; other times we like to get dressed up and go out and dance. It really just depends.

In high school I was …
a cheerleader and an honors student, but I felt like because I was in so many activities, I almost just floated between a bunch of friends instead of being with one particular group. In a way, it was a good thing, but it also was kind of hard having so many different types of friends. You don’t have that one little group that you’re always attached to.

My passion:
My passion is to just grow as a person and really help people become healthier and happier in their lives through my job and hopefully live a very happy, healthy life.

My best feature:
I think I’m really genuine. What you see is what you get with me; I’m not fake. I really pride myself on being an honest, fun-loving person.”

My bad habit:
I worry a lot. I worry a little too much sometimes about stuff you really shouldn’t worry about.

My first kiss:
I was in first grade, and we were all playing tag. This one kid who I had a big crush on, he tagged me and then grabbed me and gave me a huge kiss on the cheek. I thought he was the most amazing guy in the world.

My guilty pleasure:
Probably, as a trainer, I like chocolate a lot. Since I’m a trainer, I probably shouldn’t like it.

How my ex would describe me:
He’d probably describe me as a really fun, motivated, good looking person, who doesn’t have enough time sometimes.

Blonds or brunets:
Brunet, probably. Depends on the person, but brunette.

Going out or staying in:
It totally depends on my mood; it could be either or.

Early, late or right on time:
I try to be on time, but it’s definitely probably late. It’s horrible.

Dogs or cats:
Dogs. I’m allergic to cats, sadly.

My longest relationship:
Close to a year and a half. My first love.

Beer, wine or martinis:
Definitely depends on the day. If it’s a low-key night, beer. If it’s a going out, fun, party night, it’d be wine or martinis.

Roses or chocolates:
Since I’m a chocolate lover, probably chocolates, but I would accept either one.

My No. 1 dating rule:
Keep it laid-back. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. Genuinely try to get to know the other person. Keep it fun and laugh a lot.

My deal-breaker:
Someone who is clearly out for one thing, who’s out for the wrong reasons and doesn’t have good intentions.

I hate when a date orders …
I don’t know. I’m pretty open-minded. There isn’t anything they could order that I would hate, I guess. I would hate if they ordered it for me if it was something I don’t like, but not for them.

Worst pickup line:
One time this guy said, “Damn girl, your booty is fine.” It was so horrible; it was too obvious.

If I could marry anyone:
I would like someone who is a younger version of George Clooney or an unmarried Ben Affleck.

On a first date I never
… kiss.

Best place to meet someone:
Somewhere random like the beach or at a coffee shop or a bookstore. I think the more random and fun, the better. I don’t really like meeting guys at typical places like bars.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone:
I have met someone on spring break before.

My take on Cleveland’s single scene:
I think if people go to typical places like the bars, they’re going to be disappointed. But I think that there are a lot of great guys out there who like to have fun, who like to go to bars, who have their careers going for them. You just have to look for it a little bit more. You don’t want to feel like you have to find a guy. When it’s least expected, that’s when it usually happens, and those are usually the best times to meet someone.
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