Singles Out: Danielle Cherry

Danielle Cherry, 30
Communications coordinator, Cleveland Indians

The perfect date: Something involving live music. There has to be good food and laughter.

Something most people don’t know about me:
I take belly dancing and drumming lessons. I just started, though, so you’re probably not going to see me in the background for Aerosmith anytime soon.

My cell phone:
I’m more of a talker than a texter. You can learn a lot from the sound of someone’s voice.

Biggest turn-on:
I like passionate people and, of course, a good sense of humor.

Biggest turnoff:
Bad hygiene. Bad breath and chapped lips are definitely turnoffs.

I own too many:
Containers of lip gloss and ChapStick. They’re so cheap and cute. I love everything from drugstore ChapStick to fancy MAC Lip Glass.

My favorite … place in Cleveland:
I like anywhere on the shoreline. I love being at Edgewater Park watching the sunset. … sports team: The Indians, of course. … book: I really like Liliane by Ntozake Shange. I can relate to the main character, Liliane. She has a quiet confidence, she loves to dance, and she’s very open-minded and gifted. She has a very good spirit and she’s genuine. … vacation destination: I fell in love with Florida, and I really like Arizona. They’re both warm for one, and Arizona has some very scenic sunsets. In Arizona, there’s a spa or massage parlor on every corner. Florida beaches are great. The water there so is blue, and the sand is clear. I really like Clearwater though you can’t go wrong with Miami either. … dessert: Anything light, warm and full of flavor. I like the desserts at Fahrenheit and Cream and Sugar. That place has some of the best red velvet cake in the world! … blog: I read so many. I don’t know that I have one favorite. I like anything with sports.

Facebook: yes or no?
Yes, but I’m far from an addict. I just got my own page like five months ago. It’s odd: I do PR for others all the time, but I’m not so good at doing it for myself. Maybe it’s shyness; I don’t want my photos spread all across the Web. I decided to do it to stay connected to my friends and family.

My usual hangout:
Lately it’s been Sushi Rock because of the calamari. I live in the Warehouse District, so it’s close by.

In high school I was …
an athlete, class president and on the homecoming court. My high school was a little unique, though. I went to a boarding school in Chattanooga, Tenn.

My passion:
Family and giving back

My best feature:
My eyes or my smile. I have a good sense of humor, and I like to laugh.

My bad habit:
At times I’m indecisive. I’ve heard from some of my friends that that can get annoying.

My first kiss:
I think it was either Toby or Troy. I had a “T” thing back in the day. I remember I was young — before middle school. It lasted three to five seconds, but it was such a big deal.

My guilty pleasure:
I have three: SportsCenter, Bravo and the Food Network. I love food, clothes and sports, so I spend all my time flipping through those channels. I don’t know why I have cable.

How my ex would describe me:
Remarkable. A mistake for letting me get away.

Blonds or brunets:
Brunet. Blonds do not have more fun.

Going out or staying in:
I have more fun staying in sometimes. I really like to dance, but you can do that in the middle of the living room.

Early, late or right on time:
Right on time, or at least I try to be.

Dogs or cats:
Dogs because of their strength and loyalty.

My longest relationship:
About five years. We’re still on good terms. We were best friends during those five years. I can say nothing wrong about him. He’s a wonderful man, and he says the same things about me.

Beer, wine or martinis:
Wine or martinis. Beer is nasty.

Roses or chocolates:
Chocolate. Roses fade.

My No. 1 dating rule:
Courtesy and chivalry are really important. I like a guy to open a door, but I’m quick to say thank you after he does it. Chivalry doesn’t go unnoticed.

My deal-breaker:
Lying. It’s unnecessary.

I hate when a date orders …
certain types of sushi or tomatoes. I’m sushi conservative, and I despise tomatoes.

Worst pickup line:
“Let me buy you a drink.” It’s so generic and corny. It’s on the same lines as “Oh, you’re so beautiful.” Be original.

If I could marry anyone:
Whoever God sends my way — although having muscles and being a great kisser wouldn’t hurt.

On a first date I never…
kiss or pay.

Best place to meet someone:
I like practical places. Bookstores. Grocery stores. Places you go every day.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone:
At the food court in the Atlanta airport. We just started talking; we both had layovers. It’s not the ideal meeting spot, though. Generally, everyone you meet is going to a different destination.

My take on Cleveland’s single scene:
It’s somewhat difficult but full of promise. There are people of good substance in Cleveland.
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