Stand-Up Guy Sits Down

AFTER 29 TRIES, comedian Chad Zumock has finally found a job he likes: loose cannon co-host of the Alan Cox Show on WMMS 100.7 (weekdays 3 - 7 p.m.). We recently talked to the pride of Kent about getting off the road and on the radio.

How'd you get the job?
I'm one of those Make-a-Wish kids and always wanted to work with Alan Cox.

You always strip-mine your personal life for material. Any repercussions?
I had a cousin that got upset and sent me an e-mail. She got a little sensitive. I'll probably get worse, especially when the ratings come in. I'll have to step it up and air some more dirty laundry.
Speaking of sensitive, what happened when you saw Kim Kardashian at the Barley House after she hung up on you and Alan for bringing up her sex tape?
She said to a friend, "I don't want that f---ing a--hole near me." I've been blown off by hotter, but she's the most famous.
Are angry listeners worse than hecklers in the audience?
I encourage people to hate me. It breaks up the monotony, and it makes my job more fun.

A lot of comedians have sitcoms. Pitch me The Chad Zumock Show.
It'd be a remake of Small Wonder, set in Garfield Heights, with Dick Goddard as the dad and Hollie Strano as the robot daughter. I'd be the wacky neighbor, like Mr. Furley. Carl Monday would be the stern neighbor you don't mess with.
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