The Influentials: Fred Nance

Regional managing partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP

When the undefeated champion of high-stakes, high-profile fights for Cleveland waged a war to win back the Browns, an old friend asked, “How does it feel to have all of Cleveland riding on your back?” All of Cleveland. It’s true. Nance is the go-to guy when the city is in a pinch — or sunk in one of its notorious potholes. He’s a gifted and relentless giver to Cleveland. He battled and won against Art Modell and the NFL, counsels LeBron James and was a top-five candidate out of hundreds for the position of NFL commissioner. Now, he’s hotly negotiating for a Medical Mart expected to drive 50 trade shows here each year. The city won’t build a new convention center without it. Nance has faith. He sees Cleveland as a brand name in health care — and so much more. We trust his instincts.

Q: How many times have you been asked to run for mayor?
A: I’ve lost count. ... I have no intention of ever running for anything other than fly balls when my son Ricky learns how to hit them.
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