The Influentials: Mike Trivisonno

Afternoon radio host, WTAM 1100

Triv has a gift, maybe the perfect God-given ability for a Cleveland talk-radio host: The king of afternoon drive time (he won the Arbitron ratings again this fall) can reduce any complex topic to its lowest common argument. Want to ban smoking in public places? What’s next if you can ban smoking? Triv counters. “Maybe we ought to get together in certain neighborhoods, all us people over 40 who don’t have any kids anymore, [and] let’s ban kids, because they’re a nuisance, they’re noisy and they’re a pain in the ass. Let’s get rid of ’em, let’s ban ’em.” This is just a taste of Mr. Know-It-All’s brand of logic — which can be endearing or infuriating. But it allows him to connect with the Everyman (so does his love of Texas Hold ’Em, smoking and eating). It doesn’t take long to understand the world according to Triv. Here’s what we learned in 60 minutes:

On Tiger Woods: “When you can compare somebody to somebody, then that person’s not the greatest of all time. ... The greatest of all time is somebody like Tiger or Michael [Jordan], where you can’t even compare anyone to him. ... Think how great Tiger is. Tiger’s even greater than Michael, cuz Tiger is still wetting the bed as far as his career goes, and he’s already the greatest of all time. [Pause] I just thought of that now.”

On government: “If I didn’t have a great job, if I was scuffling, and I could scam the government? OK, where do I sign up? It’s better than starving, isn’t it? If they’re stupid enough to give it to you, I don’t begrudge the people who take it.”

On the American public: “You give an American a chance to not work and make money, and he or she, a lot of them are going to take it.”
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