Tyler Weinman

Tyler Weiman,
Goalie, Lake Erie Monsters

>Morning person or night owl? A morning person. It’s just one of those things with my occupation and getting up early to go to practice. It’s easier that way.

>Books or magazines? Probably magazines. It’s easier for a road trip. Sports mags and Us Weekly.

>Dressing up or dressing down? I’m usually the dresser-upper.

>Your best feature: I would have to say smiling. I’m always smiling and have something to joke about.

>Your ideal date: Someone I can relate to, someone I can carry on a conversation with.

>How would your best friend describe you? A storyteller, caring, fun loving and easy to talk to.

>How would your ex describe you? The same way as my friend, except it’s hard to communicate knowing you’re not going to see each other in such a long time. Hard to trust someone over the phone.

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth? Christmastime with my family. ... way to relax? Making supper, watching some TV, checking e-mail and writing friends and family. ... TV show? I like reality shows ... season? The summer. After the long hockey season you get to go home and see your family, golf, travel. ... drink? Canadian iced tea, or a vodka Red Bull.  ... food? I request pierogis the first time I go back home after the season. My mom is a great cook, and a homemade pierogi is key.
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