Wild Card

Afternoon-drive host Mike Trivisonno takes on card sharks at the World Series of Poker.

Mike Trivisonno isn't easily intimidated.

Listen to his opinionated, rant-filled afternoon-drive talk show on WTAM 1100 through one red light and that's evident. He takes on shady politicians, tight-fisted sports owners or anyone else who ruffles his airwaves.

So Triv didn't shrink from card sharks at the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas, either. Playing for more than 12 hours at a time, the 63-year-old advanced to the fourth day of the weeklong tournament.

"It was absolutely grueling," says Trivisonno, who has competed in two Main Events. "I didn't think my legs would get me back to my room at night."

On the third day, Trivisonno played at the same table as two-time World Series of Poker winner J.C. Tran, who leads the event with 38 million chips heading into the November final table. "They were thinking, I'll push this old man around," Trivisonno says. "But I play the same way they do. When I get chips, I'm tough."

At one point, Trivisonno racked up 200,000 chips and drew the attention of ESPN, which will air footage Tuesday nights through Nov. 4.

Though he eventually bowed out holding three kings, Trivisonno placed 591 out of 6,352 entrants, earning $19,106. "I'll just put it back in my poker fund," he says.

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