'Backs to the Future

We've watched Brian, Bernie and so, so many others lead the Browns offense over the years. Keep it straight with our handy guide to the quarterbacks we've known since 1972. 

"I guess I am a sex symbol because I'm fairly handsome and I'm a successful quarterback. But I just can't relate to all these people who don't even know me all of a sudden worshipping me."
Brian Sipe, September 1981
"If you aren't mentally prepared to handle this, then you are in the wrong profession, at least being in the quarterback's shoes."
Brady Quinn, January 2008
"This year is going to be totally different. I can tell you how much better of a team we are."
Tim Couch, August 2000
"It's like my dad says — 'I is the most boring word in the language.' I get sick of having to talk about myself."
Bernie Kosar, September 1988
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