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Less Than three years ago, five young women decided to share their enthusiasm for the Indians and especially “deliciously gorgeous” center fielder Grady Sizemore (that’s their words, not ours). Now the Grady’s Ladies Sisterhood (www.gradysladies.com) is almost 300 strong and more pumped than ever about um ... Cleveland baseball. We asked the founders of the GLS to give us some advice for starting our own fan club.
Passion and dedication are must-haves. “Love what you’re doing or you’re not going to be very successful in doing it,” says First Lady Amanda Bonnell.

Have fun. “But if someone really needs that advice, they probably have no business starting any kind of club,” says First Lady Hallie Sheck.

Plan activities. “We normally have about 30 to 40 Ladies sitting in section 185 behind Grady the day of a game — there’s never a dull moment when all the Ladies get together!” says Bonnell.

And the No. 1 criterion: “Enthusiasm. Loyalty. Good-naturedness,” says Sheck. “And a credit card to start a Web site.”
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