Austin Carr on ... Kyrie Irving

Carr was the first overall pick in the 1971 NBA draft and played for the Cavs until 1980. He is now a commentator for the team's telecasts.

Kyrie has what all great point guards should have: He can go where he wants and when he wants on the floor at any time, and that is a big advantage to becoming an All-Star or Hall of Fame-type point guard. When you can do that, it's very tough to stop you, and it forces defenses to have to set up to stop you, which should open up some of your teammates.
He's already on the platform, but he still has work to do to get there because he still has to become great on the floor, and he hasn't played long enough to be there yet. He definitely has the potential. He's definitely in position. Now he has to prove it, and the only way he can prove it is on the floor.

— as told to Justin Williams  
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