Best Place to: catch a home run

Rik danburg has spent the last five seasons traipsing through the bleachers, following home run balls into the stands. He’s not out to collect them — he works as supervisor of gameday staff and hand-letters special certificates for the lucky fans who come up from the scrum. Want to catch one? Follow his advice:

Sit in the bleachers, insections 182 and 183 for right-handers andsection 109 through 113, near the visitors bullpen, for left-handers.

“Absolutely take a glove,” Danburg says. Ninety percent of home run catchers have leather on their hands.

Pay attention to the game, especially who’s at bat.

Don’t, repeat, don’t throw a visiting team’s home run ball back onto the field. According to park rules, you’ll be escorted out by the police.

To get your ball signed, you can wait around the parking lot and ask — “nicely” — if Pronk or Casey Blake will sign it, or wait for one of the team’s signing sessions.
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