Game Time

Tribe fan Alex Justice talks to us about being called up to Major League Baseball's Fan Cave.

There are 2,430 games in every Major League Baseball regular season, and 22-year-old Alex Justice will attempt to watch every single one of them this year.

The Cleveland native and Ohio State University student postponed her final semester of college to become one of nine 2013 MLB Fan Cave dwellers, who will watch every game of the season and document their experiences through various social media outlets. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, the fan cave also hosts MLB players, celebrities and concerts throughout the season.

Justice beat out 22,000 other applicants in a grueling process that involved social media campaigning and various challenges at this year's spring training in Arizona and was the youngest selected this year. Along the way, Justice will compete against her fellow cave dwellers in a series of challenges for the right to stay in the ultimate baseball paradise through the World Series and win the title of Ultimate Fan.

Q: Was it hard to temporarily put your life on hold?

A: I was in the middle of my last semester, and my parents were in complete support of it. I had been talking about it for so long, and my parents knew how much I wanted to do it, how much it would be a dream. I wasn't working at the time, so it was just school that I had to put on hold. And I did it happily for the chance to come here.

Q: As an MLB Fan Cave dweller, what does your average day look like?

A: We have to be in the fan cave from the first pitch to the very last pitch. Our shortest days might be from like 1 p.m. until the 10 p.m. West Coast games end at about 2 a.m. We all watch them together on the Cave Monster, which is a 15-TV-screen setup in the main room. The other day we had Tate Stevens, the winner from The X Factor, stop by. I got to interview him, and he sang us a song. You have players that come in the morning. We give them a tour, shoot a video with them, they head out and then we begin our day watching games.

Q: Do you ever get tired of watching so much baseball?

A: It was kind of overwhelming at first, because I'm not really used to having that much information going at one time, but it's really cool. I especially like watching games with the fellow dwellers. It's cute — we all cheer for each other's teams now. When have I ever cheered for the Texas Rangers or the Blue Jays? It's funny, because we all just want each other's teams to win.

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