Heavenly baking

Cookies and baseball are an unlikely pair. But for Sister Mary Assumpta, who appeared in the film “Major League,” the combo just seems to make sense. “It’s a nice way to give them something that was from the heart,” she says of how she and her fellow Sisters of the Holy Spirit famously gifted the Indians with cookies during a mid-’80s slump. It led to the Nun Better Cookie company, which sells the treats online. If you’d like to try making a batch for the next home series, Sister Mary Assumpta (above with “Major League” producer Chris Chesser) offers some tips for baking that perfect cookie. “Whipping the butter and sugar together, really whipping it till it’s creamy, makes for a much better cookie,” she says. “And for those who like a softer cookie, we usually adjust the recipe and use a little bit more baking soda.”
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