Homemade Brownies

What better ingredients for the Browns than a group of players who truly understand our love of all things Cleveland and our hatred of all things Steelers? They grew up with Bernie Kosar and Eric Metcalf, lived the near-miss disappointments of the 1980



LeCharles Bentley

Bob Hallen Joe Jurevicius Steve Sanders

Dave Zustudil

Age: 26 31 31 23 27

Offensive lineman

Offensive lineman Wide receiver Wide receiver


High school/College

St. Ignatius High School/The Ohio State University

Mentor High School/Kent State University Lake Catholic High School/Pennsylvania State University East High School/Bowling Green State University

Bay High School/Ohio University


free agent, March 11, 2006

free agent, March 14, 2006 free agent, March 11, 2006 free agent, May 4, 2006

free agent, March 12, 2006

Childhood football hero

Don’t have one

Bernie Kosar
Favorite football memory

First NFL game as a player

Going to the Super Bowl with Atlantain 1998 Winning Super Bowl XXXVII with Tampa Bay Metcalf’s two punt
returns for touchdowns against the Steelers in ‘93
“The day I signed with the Browns.”
Cleveland food

corned beef sandwich

Mama Santa’s pizza with everything beer and wings Corned beef sandwich from Superior Deli

Gorgonzola steak at BRIO

What kind of dog would you be? Akita: “They are very protective, very loyal, friendly and passionate … but it’s quite possibly the meanest, most vicious dog when provoked.” Saint Bernard: “It’s kind of a big, lazy dog.” Labrador
retriever: “I love
the outdoors.”

Labrador retriever: “They’re loyal to their masters.”

Labrador retriever: “I have one and they are part of the family.”
LeBron is...

“the truth”

“the Cavs future” “Cleveland” “the hometown hero” “Cleveland”
Craziest thing a fan has ever said to you

Don’t know

“Go get a haircut.” “Joe Jurevicius, you’re delicious.”

“Could you autograph my chest?”

“A guy said he was the biggest fan and
took his glass
eyeball out and
turned it
around. It had the Ravens logo on it.”

East side or West side

East Side

East Side

East Side East Side

West Side

Year Cleveland was founded? (1796) 1790 1860 1784 1913 1796
Last movie “The Omen”: “Eight thumbs down” “The Da Vinci
Code”: “The
book was better.”
“Elmo, with my daughter. She’s a big fan.” “X-Men 3”

“King Kong”

Steelers or Bengals “Steelers, to beat.” Bengals: “They’re in Ohio.” Bengals: “Because they’re from Ohio.” “Not the Steelers.” “I can’t stand the Steelers.”


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