Tribe Talk with Eric Wedge

An understanding of young people and different personalities, cultures and backgrounds is absolutely essential.

Timing is of the essence in how you handle things, and I think I do a pretty good job of that most of the time, but you’ve got to watch out for it.

Growing up,I was taught always to work hard and finish what I start.

Always be true to your ideals and to yourself. The most important thing you can recognize is that it’s not about you, it’s about the players.

Never forget how hard the game is; it’s really hard, and it deserves your respect.

My two most important personal rules are to be organized and to take care of those around me. I pay great attention to detail, because it is so important.

Children change your life in every single way. Being a father has made me a completely different person. I look at the world through completely different eyes now; I am aware that there’s nothing I do throughout the day that doesn’t impact my children, and I keep that in mind.

My first memory of baseball is my very first Little League practice. I remember that my parents took me out to the field, someone asked me if I wanted to catch and I said yes. I’ve been a catcher ever since.

When I leave this game,I want it to have been impacted in a positive way. We bring in players knowing that who they are off the field translates to who they are on the field. I couldn’t do this if that wasn’t important to us.

Nothing is more important than how my players treat people.­
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