Why We Love Football: It's Tradition

Jocelyn Smallwood grew up on the edge of the Ohio State University campus. Her parents were Buckeye graduates. Yet, the school wasn't among her initial college choices. But with a growing love for music and advice from a high school band teacher, she agre

It's really cool because so little of what we do changes. We watch videos from the 1930s, and they are doing the same steps, the uniforms even look the same.

The band is so ingrained into the culture of the university and the culture of the football experience, so I think when people think of Buckeye football they also think of the band.

For Script Ohio, you're sort of waiting the whole time for this moment that happens, and it's cool to watch. It's hard to put into words. I remember taking the first couple steps out there to dot the "i," and I remember bowing, but the rest is all a blur.

You're in a stadium of 105,000 people and they are all cheering for you, and that's pretty unbelievable.

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