Why We Love Football: Loss Cause

Few schools have the rollercoaster heritage of Oberlin College, from legendary coach John Heisman to two 40-game losing streaks. "I get to coach at a program that John Heisman started. That's a pretty rich legacy to follow," says current head coach Jeff R
1892 Shortly after earning a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Cleveland native John Heisman takes a coaching job at Oberlin and leads the team to a 7-0 record.
1916 The Ohio State Buckeyes score the most points in school history, demolishing Oberlin 128-0.
1921 Oberlin defeats the Buckeyes 7-6, which remains the last time OSU was defeated by an in-state school.
1945 Oberlin reels off its fourth undefeated season in 23 years. The Yeomen haven't gone undefeated since.
1974 Head coach Cass Jackson leads the Yeomen to a 5-4 record, the school's last winning season of the 20th century.
1992 Only able to field 16 healthy players, Oberlin forfeits its game against the Wittenberg Tigers just a week after a 56-0 throttling at the hands of Allegheny College.
1994 The Yeomen notch a mere 10 points for the season and are outscored 358-10 in the midst of one of worst losing streaks in NCAA football history.
1997 After losing 40 straight games, Oberlin overcomes a fourth quarter deficit and defeats Thiel, 18-17, on a gutsy 2-point conversion. It's the Yeomen's first victory since 1992. The school won't win again until 2001.
2012 The Yeomen stun No. 10 Wabash College, 31-16. Oberlin earns its first victory over the Little Giants since 1945.
2013 Seniors Josh Mandel, Dan Weintraub and junior Kirby Livingston are named to the Jewish Sports Review All-America team for their efforts during the 2012 campaign.
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