Why We Love Football: Tailgating

No matter what happens on the field, Browns fans are guaranteed to have a good time on every given Sunday.

Holly Renner

42, Chesterland

» My husband bought me a 1977 Winnebago as a combination birthday/ Mother's Day gift last year. Everything in the RV is Browns, from the cabinets to the cushions.

» You can't get into the Muni Lot until 7 a.m. since the city changed the rule. But we get down there at 5:30 a.m., so we can get in the first lot closest to the stadium. That's where you want to be.

» The key to getting people who don't normally come down is having a nice, clean bathroom.

» Other teams' fans aren't allowed to use it.

Greg Buddie

32, Fairview Park

» My costume is a combination of my dad's and grandpa's old clothes pieced together over the years. It's a brown top hat, corduroy suit, suspenders and bow tie. It's a very classy outfit for a not-so-classy place.

» Around Christmas, I dress up like Buddy the Elf.

» My favorite thing about tailgating is to eat breakfast, grab a beer and mingle with people.

» You can tell who the people are that are there for the Browns versus the people who dress up like they are going to West Sixth Street after the game.

Jay Waugh

66, Gahanna

» I've only missed one game in 13 years. I had a wedding I had to get to.

» I drive my wife's minivan from Columbus. Typically, there are four of us, including my friend from Cincinnati. My wife and his wife do something together while we're at the game.

» We bring two propane grills and coordinate a menu. Flank steaks, briskets, hamburgers, brats and once a year we have a surf-and-turf in November or December with lobster and filet.

» We get out to I-71 the back way over the Flats and it only takes 20 minutes.

Robert D. Cobb

37, Parma

» I was a member of the Pittsburgh Browns Backers before moving back.

» Remember, you represent yourself, your team and your city.

» You don't need to drink alcohol to have a good time. I don't drink at all.

» Some friends from Pittsburgh came up last year for the Browns-Steelers game. They didn't have a good time. Not because they lost, but because of how they were treated. We need to get to the point where it's OK to wear another team's jersey without getting batteries thrown at you or tackled.

Matt Groudle

23, Euclid

» It's an orange 1981 Chevy Superior, and we accented it with brown and white stripes and a Brownie elf on the hood. We bought it for $2,500. Twenty people chipped in.

» Everyone who rides on the bus pays $5 for parking, and everyone brings a case of beer. We leave it at the game and take a taxi home and pick it up Monday.

» It was so cold at the Broncos game in 2007 that we were burning my friend's schoolbooks to stay warm.

» Don't act like a belligerent idiot and the cops won't give you a hard time.

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