Locks From a Box?

Can a lady color her own hair successfully?

In our April issue, we told you about our writer, Jennifer Keirn, who bravely agreed to color her own hair to see if it’s a viable way to save money.
Well, that question remains unanswered.
When we saw Jennifer’s “after” photo, we thought her new hair made her blue eyes pop. Loved it.
But Keirn, who had been shelling out $100 for blonde highlights, didn’t like what she saw after buying and applying a $6.94 box of reddish-brown color by Garnier Nutrisse.
“My own results were far from devastating, but ultimately disappointing,” she explains. “The reddish tone looked unnatural, the flat color lacked the depth my highlights and lowlights once offered and … I’ll admit … my husband begged me to go blonde again.”
When word about our experiment spread through our halls, women began throwing their own two cents in. One, a honey-haired blonde, revealed that she’s been dying her own hair for years, saving what’s amounted to thousands of dollars. Another revealed that her shiny dark hair is from a bottle. Turns out, we’ve got a multi-hued office, full of salon highlights and lowlights and, as well as a fair amount of dye-it-yourselfers.

Tips From a Pro
Chaz Henline, owner of Charles Scott Salon in Rocky River, does not advocate home coloring. “They want to save time or money, but they end up spending more getting it fixed,” he says. Professional colorists select color based on your hair’s existing color, condition, porosity and more — all factors an amateur can’t anticipate. Still, he graciously offered a few tips for the best possible outcome.

Stay away from highlights, it’s one of the surest ways to screw up your own hair. The safest bet is making light hair darker by a shade or two.
• Do a patch test on a hidden area of hair to check for possible allergies and preview the final color.
• Have a friend help, or at least stand by to check for gaps in your color application.
• Follow the instructions. Sounds obvious, but Henline too often sees clients ignore the box’s color suggestions or timing instructions.

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