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A New York City duo looking for a change returns home and finds a new state of mind with Epiphany in downtown Hudson.

A year ago, Eric Pickering and Kristian Korsgaard were a typical Big Apple pair: Pickering performed at and managed a piano bar while Korsgaard worked in finance. In their free time, they threw beautiful parties, frequented gift and decor shops, and even helped plan the weddings of a few friends.

So when the couple decided they needed a career change, they decided to go big — and go home. The Northeast Ohio natives returned to the area and scouted a location for their new, combined venture, Epiphany. The gift shop, which debuted at Hudson's First & Main Memorial Day weekend, brings a dash of whimsy to the lifestyle center.

"When we came here, with the cobblestone streets, it was kind of perfect," Pickering says. "It was what we really wanted: a nice walkabout area."

A peek into Epiphany reveals a store that filled a void in Hudson's downtown shopping district. "When we first started looking at First & Main, we found out that they didn't really have a gift store," he explains.

Pickering and Korsgaard kept their favorite New York City haunts in mind when stocking the shelves of the sleek, airy store. Hostess gifts are the theme, but the duo aims to offer something for every room in the house. Embellished throw pillows line one wall while cheeky greeting cards take up another. A side room bursts with toys for the teeniest beneficiaries.

The main showroom is scavenger hunt fun. There are mini plastic appetizer plates that can be worn like a ring so your hands are free during a party ($10 for a set of 10). Simple, elegant glass pitchers in blue and purple ($18-$19) reside not far from a collection of yummy-smelling candles with names such as "Diva" and "High Maintenance" ($7 for a 3-ounce jar).

"We wanted a job where we could find interesting gifts at a lower price point," Pickering says, "so that we could have a fun store, [where] people could come in on a fluke, and if they see something they really like, they could afford to get it."

When You Go

105 First St., Hudson, 330-655-0191

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