Best Restaurants 2013

Get a taste of what Cleveland's dining scene is serving with our annual look at Northeast Ohio's best restaurants. Sit down for a full-course meal of our favorite dishes, the trends we love and love to hate (sorry bacon), the chefs to keep your eye on and

Chefs to

Melissa Khoury, Rodney Gibson, Rachael Spieth and Matt Danko

Celebrity Dream Meals

Joe Thomas, David Franklin and Dee Perry


Crop Bistro & Bar, Pier W, Spice Kitchen & Bar, Lola Bistro, Cowell & Hubbard and Hodge's

Trends We Love and Hate

Wine Lists on iPads, Kale, Barbecue and Bacon-flavored Desserts

Winning Plates

From Best New Restaurant to Best Happy Hour, see who made this year's list.

Tongue Twisters

Local chefs are playing with sweet, salty and sour flavors.

In the Hot Seat

Get more face time with your favorite local chef (and some gourmet grub) by snagging a spot at one of these chef's tables.

Small-batch Sips

Prohibition is long gone, but a handful of distilleries are bringing back the mystique of that era with a fresh round of spirits.


Mystery Ingredients

We've asked a trio of local chefs to help us crack the case on these obscure menu items.

Open Kitchens

Put these four new restaurants on your dining-out menu.

Defined Dining

We asked local chefs to decode some of their most puzzling menu jargon.

Dining Debuts

Keep your fork and knife ready for these restaurants coming to a neighborhood near you.

Save the Date

Celebrate with the winners at our annual Silver Spoon Awards party.

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