Man vs. Winter

Before you battle the elements, you need to dress the part. "Layering is very, very important," says Chris Newman, manager of Geiger's Ski & Sport Haus in Chagrin Falls. "You need different thicknesses. It turns the clothes into a thermostat. If you're cold, you add a layer. If you're warm, you remove a layer." Below, Newman recommends the best gear for ultimate winter survival.

  1. "The lenses are treated to repel water, oil, perspiration and dust. They also prevent fingerprints."
    Oakley Jaw Bone Polarized Custom Glasses, $280
  2. "This company invented the waterproof zipper. You know that flap that covers most zippers? You don't need that. Therefore, it's more lightweight and waterproof."
    Arcteryx Tarmac Crossbow Jacket, $550
  3. "The beauty of this is it's made from merino wool that does not shrink, scratch or itch. It does not absorb odor. You might smell, but your underwear won't."
    Smartwool Microweight Crew, $65
  4. "Now you can take your music with you. You just plug in your iPod or iPhone and go."
    Bula Stereohead Earphone Beanie, $30
  5. "They use the finest European down: 900 down. The standard is 650. The shell is half the weight of typical shell material but twice as strong."
    Patagonia Sweater Limited Edition, $275
  6. "It absorbs the visible rays of the sun and converts it into thermal energy to keep you warm and comfortable."
    Descente Zip T-neck, $95
  7. "The properties of wool wick away perspiration but give the comfort of cotton. The sock is thinner where it needs to be and thicker where it needs to be."
    Smartwool Medium Cushion pH Socks, $19.95
  8. "These are among the warmest boots made. There is more insulation around the toe, which results in a lighter boot. It keeps you warm down to 40 below and is waterproof."
    Keen Summit County Boot, $140
  9. "The four-way stretch fabric makes these pants nonrestrictive. The bib is removable so you can wear them like a regular pant when it's warmer out."
    Salomon Chillout Stretch Bib, $220
  10. "There's nothing better today than a leather glove. It molds to the hand the best and offers the most dexterity. The tanning process used creates a waterproof leather."
    Swany X-Cell Leather Glove, $125
  11. "It's made of polyester that absorbs perspiration and keeps skin dryer, thus warmer."
    Patagonia Capilene Long Underwear, $49
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