Roast Masters

Six local chefs help put a spin on everyone's campfire favorite.

1. PB and M

by Brandt Evans, chef and owner of Pura Vida and Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern

Base: Two sugar cookies
Filling: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, marshmallow

These are sure to please a crowd and easy to assemble. Melt your marshmallow over the campfire and affix to one cookie's bottom. Top the other cookie bottom with the peanut butter cup and bring each end together. The result is a collision of sweetness and a perfect way to usher in the night. "This is the trifecta of s'mores," says Evans. "You have the cookies, the candy and the warm, gooey toasted marshmallow."

2. Coco-S'more

by Anna Harouvis, chef and owner of Good to Go Cafe and Anna in the Raw

Base: Coconut wraps
Filling: Hazelnut chocolate nut butter, raw cashews, coconut oil, raw agave, maple syrup Topping: Hazelnut chocolate nut butter and toasted almond meal

Make your own marshmallow with this vegan and gluten-free version. Refrigerate filling overnight in an ice cube tray, then spread on wraps with nut butter, roll up and coat in nut butter and almond meal. Skewer and keep cold until ready to roast. "I missed so many campfires because of my dietary preference," Harouvis says. "These are a delicious substitution."

3. Pretzel S'more Parfaits

by Jeff Jarrett, executive chef at Amp 150

Base: Crushed pretzels
Filling: Peanut butter, marshmallow Topping: Milk and dark chocolate ganache, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and sea salt

Line the bottom of a plastic cup with crushed pretzels. Top with a roasted marshmallow, a mound of peanut butter and crumbled Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Drizzle with melted milk and dark chocolate, and sprinkle with sea salt. "I love peanut butter and chocolate together," Jarrett says. "You get that combination of taste and crunchy and smooth texture in
one spoonful."

4. Breakfast S'more

by Matt Mytro, chef at Flour

Base: Strawberry Pop-Tart
Filling: Marshmallow and Nutella Topping: Cereal milk

Soak some Frosted Flakes in milk and let it sit in the cooler overnight. When you wake up, roast the Pop-Tart, then quickly top it with the marshmallow. "The toasted Pop-Tart's residual heat allows the marshmallow to become gelatinous," Mytro says. Top the breakfast concoction with a schmear of Nutella. Pour the cereal milk into a cup and serve alongside. "This is an awesome way to incorporate a s'more into your first meal of the day," he says.

5. The Applewood

by Steve Schimoler, chef and owner of Crop Bistro & Bar

Base: Pizzelles
Filling: Caramel squares, Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate, marshmallows Topping: Smucker's hot fudge topping

Named after the Long Island horse farm of Schimoler's childhood, this nod to tradition packs a thumb-pressed caramel, roasted marshmallow and two semisweet chocolate squares between two pizzelles. The whole thing is topped with hot fudge that you can melt in an aluminum pie pan next to the campfire. "It's the most indulgent s'more I've ever tasted," says Schimoler.

6. Campfire crisps

by Jill Vedaa, executive chef at Rockefeller's

Base: Pre-baked, buttered phyllo dough squares
Filling: Square marshmallow, Ghirardelli chocolate square filled with caramel, crushed Pringles

Serve up some culinary prowess with this delicious recipe. The phyllo dough squares act like pieces of bread, sandwiching in the roasted marshmallow, chocolate caramel square and crumbled Pringles. "The result is this bite of chocolate, caramel, crunchy, melty, salty and fantastic," says Vedaa.

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