The Best of Cleveland - Face-lift

Shining brightly where it was once in danger of being overlooked forever, the renovatedHanna Theatreis now home to the Great Lakes Theater Festival, following a $19.2 million overhaul completed last month. The venue’s new hydraulic-thrust stage, which allows the theater to be reconfigured to fit the needs of any performance (Shakespeare’sMacbeth and Sondheim’sInto the Woods are both there through Nov. 8), gives new life to the 87-year-old Hanna and creates fresh buzz for the theater company residing there. “It’s a unique, 21st-century setting for patrons to view theater,” said Todd Krispinsky, Great Lakes Theater Festival marketing and public relations director. “[It’s] a revolutionary new audience experience and a revolutionary artistic experience.” 2067 E. 14th St., Cleveland;;
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