The Best of Cleveland - Line Dancing

Drive by Plaza 71 in Medina during the day and it looks like any other shopping plaza. But as soon as the sun sets, the parking lot fills up with people looking for a little two-step. “Indian Outlaw” and “Callin’ Baton Rouge” blare from Dirty Cowboys, a country bar known primarily for its dance floor. Boots, hats and belt buckles are a must, as are some boot scootin’ skills — you’ll need ‘em to keep up with the regulars who move seamlessly from the Tush Push to the West Coast Swing on Dirty Cowboys’ large, glossy wood floor. Saturday night is the time to go, with rows and rows of line dancers moving in sync (or trying to keep up). So put on your boots and get in line. 2743 Medina Road (state Route 18), Medina; (330) 723-8844;
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