The Best of Cleveland - Secret Bar

You’ll only find it on a Friday or Saturday evening. Once you’ve met that requirement, follow these directions. Valet. Step inside Pickwick & Frolic, and blow past the hostess. Curve through the dining room, descend the stairs, turn left and follow the sound of light conversation and laughter into Kevin’s Martini Bar. Keep going, past the bar, the booths, the clientele. Ah yes, now you see it: Pickwick & Frolic’s champagne bar. More tucked away than Davy Jones’ locker, this small semicircle is the key to a new world of indulgence. Order a flight (during our visit, we paid $17 for three 2-ounce pours, but prices change weekly) and watch as Dominic, the bartender, lines up beautiful bottles of cold bubbly, then easily, conscientiously and with pride describes each one as he pours. It’s like having your own private bartender, in your own private bar. 2035 E. Fourth St., Cleveland; (216) 241-7425;
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