The Best of Cleveland - Southern Cooking

Once you get far enough South (we’re talking where accents become caricatures and tea is only served sweet), the midday meal is referred to as a “meat and three.” It’s some kind of meat and three amazing side dishes. You eat it at noon because it takes all day to digest. Anyone who has spent any time in the Deep South has spent time seeking that same satisfaction in our city.Angie’s Soul Food rivals even the best little hole-in-the-wall in Alabama (despite the fact that the meat dishes only come with two sides). And if the ox tail on the menu wasn’t clue enough, let me assure you: This place is legit. The barbecue sauce is embarrassingly rich and sweet, making the slow-cooked ribs that much better. The cornbread isn’t Johnny Cake but more cornlike, and the greens need only a little hot sauce.7514 Cedar Road, Cleveland; (216) 426-8890;
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