Hannah Irvine

Student Study Guide:

I. Some Basics
     A. 16 years old
     B. Junior at Montessori High School at University Circle
          1. "I like small places where you can get more intimate and really ask questions."

II. CAS: Creativity, Action, Service
(MHS-University Cirle volunteer program)
     A. Cleveland Botanical Garden
          1. Volunteered as a freshman and sophomore
          2. Worked under children's garden curator Josh Steffen
     B. Cleveland Museum of Natural History
          1. Volunteers Wed. evenings in astronomy dept.
               a. "I remember going there in third grade, and I was always amazed by the planetarium. I thought, I wanna go back. So I did."
          2. Works under astronomer Clyde Simpson
               a. "He's like a walking encyclopedia."
          3. Works in the observatory and planetarium
               a. Learns about open star clusters and diffused nebulas
          4. Is helping fix the museum's Hanna Star Dome

III. Other Passions 
     A. A horseback rider since age 8 (for fun, not show)
     B. "I'd like to be a teacher. ... I think it's fun to share your knowledge."
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