Major Tests

Picking a major in college is hard enough, so Andrews Osborne Academy lets its students test out desired careers before they hit the books. To graduate, seniors must first complete the Senior Project Program by spending the last four weeks in the work force of their specific areas of interest. "When the seniors are doing their projects, • they are pretty much on their own working with these professionals," says Chuck Roman, head of school. "So it gives them an opportunity to see what it would be like if they were to pursue that career." They've worked everywhere from University Hospitals to Thistledown racetrack. Seniors at area hospitals have scrubbed in to observe surgeries while others at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative have exchanged ideas with architects and designers. At the end of the month, students present what they've learned to fellow students. It's not an easy four weeks, but it could make for an easier four years. Trying out a dream job before committing to a major brings a bachelor's degree back into perspective — one less thing for parents to worry about.
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