Private Schools: Survival Guide: Advice Column

Studying: What's the best way to study effectively?

Lisa Gregorski
Director of Intervention Services, St. Joseph Academy

“Get all the information from class and try to find a way to make it your own, whether it’s recopying or restructuring notes or studying with other people. People remember things much better when they explain them to someone else.” Katie Kuehn

Nicholas Tabar, 14
Freshman, St. Edward High School

“I learned a technique called SQ3R, which stands for survey, question, read, record and review. If you are doing a report on a book, first off, you survey the topic, then form questions, followed by reading it. For record, you answer the questions and then review them to make sure they are right.” Kim Schneider

Work and School: How should students balance both?

Shawn-Paul Allison,
English and Speech Teacher, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School

“I think sometimes students will try to bite off more than they can chew. I would say not to work more than two to three days a week during the school year. Probably the best time to [work] is during summer.”

Patrick Sutterer, 16,
Junior, Archbishop Hoban High School

“You have so much homework during the week it makes no sense to work late-night hours ... I’m planning on working weekends and maybe Friday nights.” KK

Dating 101:

School isn’t always about homework and tests. Mikaela Johnson and DeJuan Hill (two of our three cover models) dole out some advice for the opposite sex on the dos and don’ts of dating during high school. KS

Mikaela Johnson, 16, a Junior at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin High School
1. Be nice to my friends. “If you don’t respect my friends, you’re not worth my time.”
2. Don’t put on an act. “Try not to act differently around me. Be funny and outgoing.”
3. Talk, don’t text. “My boyfriend was nervous to talk to me at first, so he started texting me,” she says. “He even asked me to homecoming via text message.”
4. Be a gentleman. “Not every girl wants a bad boy,” she says.
5. Don’t try too hard. “You’ll become annoying and obnoxious.”

DeJuan Hill, 16, a Senior at Benedictine High School
1. Be truthful. “Don’t lie. That’s universal for guys and girls.”
2. Tone it down. “Don’t be too flashy. Be down-to-earth and show some mystery about yourself.”
3. Be cling-free. “Girls always want to know our whereabouts. That can be aggravating to guys.”
4. Learn to chill out. “It doesn’t always have to be about feelings. You don’t always have to go out. You can just watch a football game at home.”
5. Make the first move. “Don’t be scared. There’s nothing wrong with chasing something.”


College: How do students decide on which colleges to apply to? 

Michele Klaus
Director of College Counseling, Gilmour Academy

“Choose a small group you would like to attend, visit them and have conversations with them because the most important thing in this marketplace today is that students show interest, and to show interest you have to know about the school.”

Marie Zipp, 17
Senior, Padua Franciscan High School

“It’s definitely important to visit the campus. I went to visit a college that had a good reputation and good program, but once I got there I didn’t like the campus. You need to visit to get a feel for what it’s going to be like.”  KK

Peer Pressure: How should students deal with peer pressure?
Michele Bernot
Campus Minister, Lake Catholic High School

“There is an incredible need to belong in high school students. In any situation, they always want to be part of it and sometimes alter their decisions to do that,” she says. “If anyone has any problems or feels bullied or harassed, make sure to contact any adult in the building to make sure they get help.”

Sarah Puffer, 16
Junior, Western Reserve Academy

“I know that when I’ve resisted any pressure, people have respected me more for it. It gives them higher standards to hold me to. So I would say, stand firm.”  KK
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