All's Fair

Oct. 16 - Nov. 2
Fourth Wall Productions

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and the two worlds collide on the Fourth Wall stage when the two sexes vie for the same promotion in All’s Fair.

Michael, the arrogant alpha male, has eyes for the beautiful Alice; however, she wants nothing to do with him — unless it involves climbing over him to get to the top. A collaboration between three Ohio University graduates,All’s Fair is a humorous exploration of sexual inequality in the workplace.

“It’s been my observation that men assume women are of lesser intelligence if they’re attractive,” says Matthew Sprosty, All’s Fair playwright and co-founder of Fourth Wall. “[Alice] has to find a way to use her sexuality to her advantage, but retain her dignity.”

When Alice and Michael attempt a cordial encounter, their true feelings about each other butt heads in the background, as other actors portray Alice’s thoughts and Michael’s ego. The names of the inner personalities reflect the intellect of women and narcissism of men. People will not be offended “as long as no one takes themselves too seriously,” says Sprosty of the dark humor that sheds light on intra-office politics.

Established in 2004 by Sprosty and fellow OU grads Justin Tatum and Rebecca Cole, Fourth Wall Productions showcases unpublished and unknown plays relating to contemporary social issues. The theater is in a converted warehouse on East 105th Street.

“I don’t write plays to deliver an earthshattering message,” says Sprosty. “Because I doubt what I believe in would work for everybody. I wanted to write a play that values women.”
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