Web-only: How to Grill Whatever's in Your Fridge

Our spring/summer issue will hit newsstands at the end of May. To get your taste buds warmed up, here’s an excerpt from our upcoming Web-only tutorial on grilling just about anything.




Perfectly grilled garlic cloves are easy to achieve. They just require a watchful eye, as garlic softened by the heat of the grill is wonderful, but garlic burned on the grill is just, well, burned.


To start, slide individual cloves onto a thin metal skewer and brush liberally with olive oil. Grill slowly over medium heat, turning often and brushing occasionally with additional olive oil. In about 15 minutes, the garlic will be soft to the touch and should be browned, not charred, and fragrant. Remove from the skewers, chop or mash, and add to softened butter or gazpachos, or spread on a steak.

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