Best Doctor - Dr. Kyriakedes

Dr. Christ G. Kyriakedes
Emergency medicine
Akron General Medical Center
What he does:
Kyriakedes assesses and stabilizes life-threatening and non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries in the emergency room. As emergency medicine residency director, he is responsible for the resident-training program in emergency medicine and is also the medical director at the Stow Fire Department.

What is the one thing you do to keep healthy?
Work out, run and eat fairly healthy.

Worst health habit:
Not enough sleep.

What’s the biggest malady in your field?
Emergency department overcrowding. “I’m trying to fix the problem by working to provide the best care and training possible to meet the local needs of our patients.”

His best medical advice:
“Do not smoke!”

Last piece of medical advice he took:
“Take more time for yourself.”

Has anyone ever given you an apple? Did it keep you away?
“I get apples on a regular basis. I think apples keep the weight gain away.”

How is being a doctor different than you imagined?
“Being a doctor is exactly as I imagined ... a great deal of satisfaction in helping others in need.”

Have you ever been 1 of 5 doctors to recommend something?
“Yes, I recently did a Fox News health segment on the flu. My recommendation was to wash your hands to avoid illness.”
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