Best Doctors - Dr. Murphy

Dr. Dale P. Murphy
Internal medicine
Summa Health System
What he does:
As vice president of medical affairs, Murphy’s primary focus is quality of patient care. His real interest is in creating value, focusing not only on the quality of care, but also the cost. His passion is simple: “Right care, right person, right time, right place, right cost.”

Why did you go into medicine?
“I loved how science and human touch can come together to benefit people.”

What’s the one thing you do to keep healthy?
“I exercise some, probably not enough, but work my butt off at home.”

His worst health habit:
“Without question ... doughnuts.”

His best medical advice:
“Everything in moderation.”

The last piece of medical advice he took:
“Everything in moderation.”

“House,” “Grey’s Anatomy” or “ER”?
“Can’t avoid them, because my wife loves them all.”

Has anyone ever given you an apple? Did it keep you away?
“I don’t think so, and if they did I ate it.”

Fruit cup or Snickers?
“No contest: Snickers.”

Do Clevelanders have any unique unhealthy habits?
“They are certifiably insane about their sports teams. Other than that, they are pretty much like everybody else.”

How is being a doctor different than you imagined?
“Not as much doctor-to-doctor communication as I thought there would be, and I think there should be. It’s not good for patients.”

Have you ever been 1 of 5 doctors to recommend something?
“If you mean officially, probably not. Since we docs are all a bit egotistical, I’m sure I’ve been 1 of 5 in something.”
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