Best Doctors 2010: How To Make Sense of the Cleveland Clinic MyChart

Medical charts are not so mysterious at the Clinic, which has doctors and patients logging on to access records. Dr. Andrea Sikon, clinical director and director of primary care for women’s health at the Clinic, explains how e-chart technology is affecting patient experience.

Speed. Patients request prescription refills and get lab test results with doctor comments as fast as you can update your Facebook status. Still, “you wouldn’t want to find out a cancer diagnosis on the computer,” says Sikon.”We have the option to select what we’re releasing to the patient.”

Power. “It helps them be proactive about their health. They know if exams are coming up. They can help us keep their chart accurate. It’s motivating and reinforcing if they can go in and track results.” Plus, you can access your family’s records.

Knowledge. The system is linked to more information. So say you’re looking at your cholesterol, you can quickly click to learn about ways to lower your cholesterol. ”It helps people stay on track. It helps them be proactive.“

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