'Buzz' Words

Word of mouth seems like a decent way for WMMS daytime deejay Maria Calo to spread the news about her line of "BUZZD" Wear clothing. Instead of blitzing consumers with expensive ads, Jonathan West New York will rely on Calo's on-air mentions of the collection of casual shirts, tanks tops and pants she helped design.

"I love clothing and it was something that had crossed my mind. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go for it," Calo says.

The line's name is a play on WMMS' famed "buzzard" mascot since Calo will be the public face and voice of the collection, which includes items ranging from casual and fun "boy-beater" tank tops ($18) to comfy fleece pants and jackets ($32).

"We are keeping it small," Calo says, adding that this approach has allowed all of the clothing to be manufactured in the United States. "We don't want to do something that is mass produced."

Calo, who was sporting her favorite raglan shirt in a bright aqua and melon combination when we talked to her, is hopeful that her line will create a summer stir without being pegged as just a gimmicky flash-in-the-pan trend.

"I feel this is something that will not be •here today, gone tomorrow,' " she says.

People interested in checking out Calo's duds can head to The Shoppe at 138 Front St. in Berea or Knuth's at 30619 Pinetree Road in Pepper Pike. To find other locations selling "BUZZD" Wear, visit www.mariasbuzzdwear.com.

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