'Treasure' Blessed

Igo Home Products' Grip & Drive Powered Screwdriver scored a cameo in the recent Nicolas Cage flick "National Treasure," but it wasn't a big-money product placement. In fact, company founder David Levine couldn't have been more surprised.

But when Levine caught the coming attractions at a local movie theater last year, he instantly recognized the Igo gadget in the hand of Cage's character as he steals the Declaration of Independence in a vital plot turn.

Levine handed out the power screwdrivers to several people on the set of an infomercial he shot two years ago in Los Angeles. He figures that's the best explanation for how his company's tool ended up on the big screen.

"There hasn't been a spike in sales, but we've seen a spike in attention," Levine says of his product's moment in the spotlight. "We've had more fun with it than anything else."

Make a purchase via the company's Web site (www.igohomeproducts.com) and Levine adds a complimentary "National Treasure" screw

driver to all purchases of $44 or more. The 4-year-old, Beachwood-based company gears its tools for the novice and has cooked up a slew of innovative ideas to simplify life, from installing batteries to making pancakes.

"Mainly, we look at trends," Levine says. "For example, a lot of people are into those protein drinks now." Igo's response is the Mix & Go Mini Mixer, currently its most popular item. "The idea is to find a trend and develop something that goes with that trend and helps people."

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