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It’s just like a diary, but not at all private. And who’snot up for living vicariously through a complete stranger from time to time? Here are a couple of the first-person blogs by Clevelanders that we’ve been reading lately, as well as a few other bookmarked favorites.
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Chef’s Widow: Ever wonder what it’s like when running a restaurant consumes your husband’s life? Amelia Sawyer covers the finer points of being the better half of the city’s hottest new chef.

The Cool History of Cleveland:
Former city of Cleveland Tech Czar Michael DeAloia presents the city you think you know in a fresh light thanks to great research and plenty of vintage photos.

John Gorman’s Media Blog:
Who better to unravel the strange state of terrestrial radio than the insider who built the FM genre at WMMS? Required reading for media junkies. 
White-collar redneck


27 Dresses in Cleveland

“Living in downtown Cleveland trying to figure out life as a white-collar redneck”


“Following the dating adventures of an early 30s Cleveland bachelorette”
Jeff Nomina’s funny, smart writing reaches beyond the post-college, Busch Light-buying demographic that it corners. Need an argument for outfitting your living room with two 42-inch plasma TVs? He has it.


Women who’ve contemplated a part-time job just to cover bridesmaid expenses for all their friends’ weddings, and who refer to men they’re dating with codelike names such as “The Teachalian”
Nomina’s discussions of everything from the merits of stocking wet wipes at home to dissecting his dad’s favorite sayings to a debate over the relevancy of 1990s-era Aerosmith songs are consistently enjoyable.

The Hook

This anonymous blogger makes the dating world seem like an alien landscape. Who hasn’t been there? Plus, where else would we learn about a Web site dedicated to wedding cake disasters?

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