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Emergency Care

Your survival during a medical emergency may depend greatly on the emergency room where you are treated. A 2011 study by HealthGrades, an independent source of physician information and hospital rankings, found large differences in risk-adjusted mortality rates between hospitals and markets. The findings were based on more than 7 million Medicare patient records from 2007 through 2009. Cleveland finished fifth on the list of top 10 cities for emergency care. Buckeye Power: Both Cincinnati (1st) and Dayton (4th) appeared with Cleveland on the list.

Obesity: 7th // Overweight: 17th

Spirited Debate

There's no doubt about it. We booze too much. With nearly one in five Clevelanders considered a "binge drinker," all we can say is: "Yeah, we've been to the Muni Lot, too."

Binge Drinker
8TH (19%)


45TH (36.4%)

Clevelanders like to drink — a lot. Almost 20 percent of us admitted to binge drinking, defined by the Centers for Disease Control as a man having five or more drinks on one occasion or a woman having four or more. We beat out Las Vegas (17.8 percent) and nearly matched hard-partying Austin (20.4 percent) and San Francisco (19.6 percent).   A little more than one-third of Greater Clevelanders reported during the Centers for Disease Control survey that they hadn't had a single alcoholic drink in the past 30 days. That makes us less dry than most places. Teetotalers make up a majority of nine metro areas. The driest? Nashville (70 percent) and Memphis (66.6 percent).

Old Habits Die Hard

Even with our city's world-class medical care, we still have a tough time treating ourselves right. Here's where Cuyahoga County stacks up against national benchmarks established by the University of Wisconsin-based County Health Rankings.

5th (out of 50)

Health Insurance Coverage

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