Name Dropping

Cue the chantlike theme music. "Survivor: Palau" premiered Feb. 17 and producers of the CBS reality show finally picked a Clevelander to battle for the $1 million grand prize. Caryn Groedel, a 46-year-old civil-rights attorney who lives in Solon, was one of 20 players selected to take part in the show's 10th installment. Groedel and 19 other contestants traveled to the South Pacific island of Palau last fall, where they learned three castaways would be voted off the island during the first episode (a new twist this time around). Though the show's premiere hadn't aired at press time, there was much Internet speculation about who'd be booted first. A message-board post from someone who purportedly "lives a street over" from Groedel reported that she came home tanned and slightly thinner, leaving online speculators to surmise she makes it through at least the first couple rounds of voting.

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