On the Rebound

Not everyone was optimistic when Cedar Fair LLP bought Six Flags Worlds of Adventure last year and restored the property to its longtime Geauga Lake identity. Local hotels worried they'd bleed red ink without a two-day travel destination in Aurora as they had for years when Sea World was located next door to Geauga Lake and Six Flags encompassed both properties. Those worries were washed away in November when Cedar Fair, which also owns Sandusky's Cedar Point amusement park, announced the Memorial Day weekend opening of the first phase of a $26 million waterpark on the former Sea World property. "We had the land available to make the expansion possible," says park spokeswoman Lexi Robinson, adding that the 56-acre former Sea World property already has a parking lot, restrooms and entrance gates. "All we have to do is add water."

The Grand Prix of Cleveland was the highest-rated broadcast among all 14 Champ Car circuit races last year. Nielsen Media Research figures show that the tape-delayed broadcast of the 2004 race on Spike TV reached 296,000 U.S. homes. Event organizers are hoping a live broadcast in 2005 will attract even more viewers. "The Cleveland race is annually one of the top-rated broadcasts on the Champ Car schedule," says Rena Shanaman, general manager of the Cleveland race. "But to lead the way among some terrific venues and races this season • demonstrates just how popular [it] has become." The second-most-watched race on last year's circuit was held in Monterrey, Mexico. The only catch for drawing more eyeballs to the 2005 Cleveland race may be scheduling. While last year's Fourth of July race aired on the same day, the 2005 race has been bumped up to June 26. Tickets for the event go on sale this month.

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