Same Job Differnet Place

  Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati

Transit Authority

Organization Greater Cleveland RTA Central Ohio Transit Authority Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority
Name Joe Calabrese Bill Lhota Michael Setzer
Title General Manager/CEO President/CEO General Manager/CEO
Salary $197,523 $138,000 Unknown, Setzer works as a contractor. His company receives $252,276 annually from SORTA, but that figure includes services other than his work.
Daily Readership 200,000 50,000 60,000 to 65,000


Name Frank Jackson Michael Coleman Mark Mallory
Salary $127,619 $145,231 $121,290

Police Chief

Name Michael McGrath James Jackson Thomas Streicher Jr.
Salary $105,187 $142,313 $123,065

Schools Superintendent/CEO

Name Eugene Sanders Gene T. Harris Rosa Blackwell
Salary $260,000 $174,632 $203,820


Organization The Cleveland Foundation The Columbus Foundation The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Name Ronald Richard Douglas F. Kridler Kathryn Merchant
Title President/CEO President/CEO President/CEO
Salary $310,000 $255,000 $184,000
Total grants given in 2005: $85 million $66 million $34 million (figure from 2004)

Science Center

Organization The Great Lakes Science Center COSI Columbus Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Name Linda Abraham - Silver David Chesebrough Douglass McDonald
Title President/Executive Director President/CEO President/CEO
Salary $182,405 $175,000 $256,962
2006 Visitors 468,898 536,308 942,186
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