Scientific Studies

It makes that frog you dissected in high school biology look pretty weak by comparison. The Cleveland School of Science and Medicine — a public high school that’s part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District — has its students mixing with Cleveland Clinic physicians and watching live surgeries.Located on the John Hay Campus in University Circle, the school is about to mark the end of its third year. We talked to a handful of freshmen about career aspirations, TV science and how they’d grade their first year.
Career Aspiration
TV Science Fave
Freshman Grade
Jonathan Rodriguez Family practice doctor. “I’ve always been good at science, and I want to help families.” “I like Scrubs.” “We got to watch a heart surgery [via satellite]. That was awesome.”
Kevin Love II Meteorologist. “When I was 9, I saw the movie Twister, so I started to do research on storm chasing.” House. “My favorite part is when he solves the problem just like that.”
“My coach is also my teacher; he’s like another father to me. ... Any problem I have, he’s always there.”
Lois Robinson Dermatologist or cardiologist. “My grandmother suffers from congestive heart failure. That’s something close to me.” “I watch the ER shows on TLC and Discovery Health. It’s always new stuff to discover.”
“One field trip, we went down to the science center and got to speak with doctors. ... You get a surprise here every day.”
Khadijah Seay School psychologist. “I want to know why kids take the actions they do.” CSI, Law & Order SVU and The Closer. “I watch a lot of forensic shows.”
“The teachers really do drive you. ... They have more faith in us than I think we have in ourselves.”
Wesley Greiner
Sports medicine. “I’d like to have my own practice or travel with a team.”
House. “It’s cool just because they have to deduce the problem.”
“You can already see the gap with friends. We went to the same school last year. But you talk to them now, and they’re looking at you like you’re an alien.”
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